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Welcome to the manga translation page! This is where I display my scanlations of the Akira Himegawa Zelda mangas.

I'm doing this in honor of the Zelda no Densetsu/History of Hyrule manga translation team that went down a while back. I only hope I can help fill the hole they left.

All of these pages are from books I actually own. I took the (tons and tons) of time to scan and translate them myself. So, I ask you nicely that you please do not use them without my permission. I will take them down if that starts happening. Also, please do not directly link to any of these pages - urls are subject to change without notice.

We offer a downloadable RAR package for each chapter, which can be extracted using WinRAR. By downloading these packages, you agree not to manipulate the pages in any way, upload them to other websites without permission, etc etc. They are for your own personal use only. We trust you. Please don't do anything that would break that trust.

For those that are new to manga, these are read right-to-left. I didn't change that. I also left most of the sound affects and such in their original Japanese form, to further preserve the manga. I'd just make a mess if I tried to change them. I only change what is not obvious. For example, I'm not going to change the katakana-represented sound of hoofbeats, because I'm sure you can figure that one out on your own. ^_~

All that said, enjoy!

~Goddess Rinoa~

  1. Ocarina of Time (Part 1)

    Read the Ocarina of Time (Part 1) manga

  2. Ocarina of Time (Part 2)

    Read the Ocarina of Time (Part 2) manga

  3. Majora's Mask

    Read the Majora's Mask manga

  4. Oracle of Seasons

    Read the Oracle of Seasons manga

  5. Oracle of Ages

    Read the Oracle of Ages manga

  6. Minish Cap

    Read the Minish Cap manga

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